Saturday, July 11, 2015

In Which I End This

The signs are real and there for anyone with discerning eyes to see. 

Are you frustrated yet? Even panicked perhaps?

Have you reached the place where you desperately want to do something - perform triage - anything - to change or stop the bleeding? And to be sure we are bleeding out. Most sane, intelligent people, not even necessarily spiritually inclined, see that this country, indeed the whole world, is in a death spiral. It’s not just one thing or even five things that have come together from liberal policies landing on and riding us to destruction. It’s multi-layered and diabolically evil. If you want to see just how evil, if you think all you have to do is boycott some left leaning companies, as some have suggested, to make a point or difference take a look at the list of 379. How many of these companies can you let go of and still hope to live your life the same without dramatic sacrifices?

Understand this: Taking a stand requires sacrifice unlike anything modern Christians have ever known. Wrapping our brains around this provides new perspective on the concept of refusing the mark and thus being unable to buy or sell. 

Let that soak in for a minute. 

If you don’t think you will have to choose because you will be scooped out it’s likely that you will not know what to choose or when. Or not. Let that soak in as well.

Can you honestly say you are prepared to stand and give up not just your luxuries but your common daily needs? Really?

Frankly, I don’t know what else to say. I’ve warned, I’ve written, I’ve tried to be more reader friendly, focusing more on the lighter side. But I don’t feel light and pretending that I do is disingenuous. Disingenuous was never my style. That said, if I’m going to be honest and not a hypocrite, I need to decide how long I can continue to compromise. 

This is not a call to rally. This is a declaration that the die is cast, the point of no return has been passed. It doesn’t matter how many there are in the silent majority, we are  only individuals now with One on one choices to make, but not to change the outcome but rather to insure our own eternity.

I’ve said before, the day does finally come. Today is the day I have run out of words so I’ll end this with the timeless wisdom from A.W. Tozer (1897- 1963)
Daring to Stand for Truth

The nearer we draw to the heart of God the less taste we will have for controversy. The peace we know in God's bosom is so sweet that it is but natural that we want to keep it unbroken to enjoy as fully and as long as possible. The Spirit-filled Christian is never a good fighter. He is at too many disadvantages. The enemy is always better at invective than he will allow himself to be. The devil has all the picturesque epithets, and his followers have no conscience about using them. The Christian is always more at home, blessing than he is opposing. He is, moreover, much thinner-skinned than his adversaries. He shrinks from an angry countenance and draws back from bitter words. They are symbols of a world he has long ago forsaken for the quiet of the kingdom of God where love and good will prevail. 

All this is in his favor, for it marks him out as a man in whom there is no hate and who earnestly desires to live at peace with all men. In spite of his sincere longing for peace, however, there will be times when he dare not allow himself to enjoy it. There are times when it is a sin to be at peace. There are circumstances when there is nothing to do but to stand up and vigorously oppose. To wink at iniquity for the sake of peace is not a proof of superior spirituality; it is rather a sign of a reprehensible timidity which dare not oppose sin for fear of the consequences. For it will cost us heavily to stand for the right when the wrong is in the majority, which is 100 percent of the time. 

We have developed in recent times a peace-loving, soft-spoken, tame and harmless brand of Christian of whom the world has no fear and for whom it has little respect. We are careful, for instance, never to speak in public against any of the false cults lest we be thought intolerant. We fear to talk against the destructive sins of modern civilization for fear someone will brand us as bigoted and narrow. 

Little by little we have been forced off the hard earth into a religious cloud-land where we are permitted to wing our harmless way around, like swallows at sundown, saying nothing that might stir the ire of the sons of this world. That Neo-Christianity, which seems for the time to be the most popular (and is certainly the most aggressive), is very careful not to oppose sin. It wins its crowds by amusing them and its converts by hiding from them the full implications of the Christian message. It carries on its projects after the ballyhoo methods of American business. 

Well might we paraphrase Wordsworth and cry, "Elijah, thou shouldst be living at this hour; America has need of thee." We stand in desperate need of a few men like Elijah who will dare to face up to the brazen sinners who dictate our every way of life. Sin in the full proportions of a revolution or a plague has all but destroyed our civilization while church people have played like children in the marketplace. What has happened to the spirit of the American Christian? Has our gold become dim? Have we lost the spirit of discernment till we can no longer recognize our captors? 

How much longer will we hide in caves while Ahab and Jezebel continue to pollute the temple and ravage the land? Surely we should give this some serious thought and prayer before it is too late--if indeed it is not too late already.

For Him,


  1. Does this mean you aren't going to post anymore? I hope not.

    1. Thank you for commenting. To answer your question, I don’t know at this point. I started this four years ago as a different format from the writing I did in the I Was Just Thinking column. Mostly it is just me writing to find out what I think and me talking to myself anyway. I think I’ve run out of words. I hate to just keep harping on the same ole thing.

      We’ll see. Maybe Mother Eartha will have something else to talk on.

      For Him,

  2. How can we know when to stand and when to be silent?

    1. The moment of truth comes for each of us at different times and under different circumstances. Developing a strong One on one relationship with Christ provides us with listening/reacting abilities so that we are able to quickly recognize a prompt to obey. While faith is trusting that which cannot be seen, discernment is knowing well how God speaks to us, individually, so that we are well prepared to act individually. This skill is best honed with practice.

      We live in the age of 'group mentality' which leaves us ill prepared to step away from what is acceptable to the group, even if the group isn't following God.

  3. I found your blog from a link in another blog and I decided to spend some time reading your older posts. I can’t say I completely agree with you on everything but I see your point in most things. It’s my impression that you are not associated with any particular church or denomination. I have recently found myself weeping in church and I don’t know why exactly. I just feel sad and disconnected. If you don’t go to church, how do you worship? Just wondering. Thanks for interesting thought provoking posts.

    I enjoy Mother Eartha too. Is that you or someone else?

    Marie P

    1. Thanks for commenting Marie.

      You are correct, I don’t attend a church. I posted a comment about the reason for that somewhere in the beginning of this blog but the why is way less important than the how. Meaning how I have a personal relationship with Christ without benefit of a particular doctrine.

      First, you have to realize that Christ came to establish a way of life not a new religion. Religion had pretty much failed humanity from the get go. In fact, what we call ‘Christianity’ was originally called ‘The Way’ and thus the early Christians were known as followers of ‘The Way’. Christianity as an organized religion came over time, introduced by those who dogmatically believed that one could not access God without some sort of mediator.

      The absolute truth is, that those folks refused to accept, perhaps because it was too simple, Christ is our mediator. He suffered, took on humanity’s sins, then died, to reconcile us to God, making Him our go to. Through the Holy Spirit, whom He left as our conduit, we are able to build a completely unique and individual relationship with Christ, Who makes it possible for us to have the Father/child relationship with God that had been disrupted by sin and disobedience. I know there are many people who just need structure, they require a formula to follow, and other people to affirm that they are on the right path. I’m one who doesn’t need all that so I understand that my solitary walk is not for everyone. I would never insist that anyone follow my lead. Again this is a One on one decision to make.

      There are others who can explain this much better than I. I recommend that you check out Chip Brogden’s website - - he has hundreds of postings and really good books on the topic of seeking a relationship with Christ that isn’t bound by manmade dogma.

      For Him,

      ps - yes, Mother Eartha is me. What can I say - alter ego. ;-)