Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dear John...

Now that I have your attention allow me to explain.

There’s a farewell letter I’ve wanted to write for awhile now but I couldn’t get the point sharp in my head. Okay. That’s not exactly true. I know the point I just dread expressing my opinion on this because, yet again, it will leave me swimming against the tide of public opinion.

But I’m used to that so here goes anyway.


Dear Merchant, CEO, Business Owner, Actor, Performer or Athlete,

I don’t care what your personal affiliations are, your religion, politics or sexual preference and neither do I need to know. Those particular choices belong to you. I have mine too and while they may or may not align with yours, the only forum I have to broadcast them is this blog. But there isn’t going to be 24/7 coverage and discussion ad nauseam about this post though so the playing field is not quite level.  Therefore, while your opinions, and ‘causes’ are, by default in a free society, no more righteous than mine, your advantages for getting your banner seen are somewhat unfair.

But since ‘fair‘ is one of those vague, ambiguous words, like ‘love’ and ‘hate’ and ‘right‘ and ‘wrong’, which all depend on point of view to define, I won’t go down that slippery road. Further, I refuse to stoop to use straw man arguments, the kind that attempt to blur the rules of engagement in a debate.

Instead, I’ll just cut to the chase. 

All I expect from someone who designs, manufactures and/or sells a product, whether it’s physical or conceptual, whether an item, a consumable, or event, is for that product to be the best you can produce and sold for the most competitive price. That’s it. That’s all I need from you.

If you are determined to use your position, your product, your large and visible forum, to preach to me, to guilt me, to demand that I see your opinion, your righteousness, I have no choice to rebut or step up to defend my position, if I don’t agree with you, other than to withdraw my hard-earned money from supporting you or what you do to make a living. Turns out I don’t have to watch TV or movies, attend sports events or shop where your operational policies put me at risk or accuse me of being out of touch with modernity.  

While I agree you have the right to do as you please with your business, I also have the right to spend my money elsewhere or, not spend it at all. 

I will always defend the amendment that declares everyone has a right to their opinion, and can express it freely. However, I don’t have to be forced to hear or see a sermon, or demonstration, whether based on religion or politics - or social meme du jour - before I get to use or see what I paid for. My only option is that, so far, I can choose to say no. I might even miss buying what you are selling but since I don’t have the same forum(s) you have, if I truly believe in my right to have an opinion, the only way I can stand up is to stand away.

While there have always been differences of opinion even in a civil society, once upon a time, when things were not so crazy, there was a truce zone where we could agree to disagree. But in this age of self-righteousness rising up to becoming a god in itself, what is good, and right has been redefined and along with this subtle substitution it demands, sometimes with force, that there can be no opposition. 

You might not see it now but, from my perspective, that is not a good sign, in a freedom of the individual based society.

For Him,


  1. When a young person learns to drive and wants to be able to take the car out alone and exercise "personal freedom" there can be dire consequences if personal responsibility isn't exercised along with those personal freedoms.

    It is my opinion that the "personal responsibility" part is severely lacking in much of what is filling the airways. In a recent Bible study the pattern of sin was discussed: See it. Desire it. Take it. Then the consequences are set in motion.

    It is those consequences that seem to be overlooked by most. Say whatever you want to whomever you want. If you are proven wrong, toss out an apology. BUT the consequences are already set in motion.

    In this "instant" world, taking time to consider the consequences is too much effort. If enough people stopped watching/purchasing/attending the consequences would be felt.

    But that brings up the next point . . . how many people will stop? It seems to me more people walk the line - with one foot in the world and the other in 'religion' and don't want to give up any thing for any reason. It's all about ME and what I want - lovers of self.

    I can stay true to Scripture and hold my personal ground. Because it matters to me and to my Savior. And pray that the Lord will have mercy on those that don't.

    1. For some reason I only just saw your comment, which is spot on btw. Something is amiss with Blogspot. I don't receive notices anymore when a comment is posted. Classic in this modern age - mess with stuff until it does;t work anymore. :-)