Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Great Delusion

A friend sent me a forwarded email. It was an article written by Paul McGuire NewsWithViews about the possibility of chip implantation as mandated by the Affordable Health Care Law. The article was intelligently written and, reading between the lines, was more about the real and present danger of how easy it is to fool and enslave an entire nation with carefully worded, ambiguous language embedded deeply in a law that no one fully read before they voted it into law.
It was a startling article and apparently there has been quite a buzz of Net conversation about this topic. Snopes refutes it as do many other liberal sites. It’s labeled as just more nutcase conspiracy theory.
My thoughts are: the man and woman behind Snopes are decidedly liberal. Being a critical thinker I tend to look deeper and wider for motive and hidden agenda in all things, regardless of leanings, right or left. But I have to say, even before radical liberalism came out of the shadows and into center stage I weighed things carefully when seeking information in Snopes. 
Snopes aside, using nothing but discernment, I can come to several conclusions. First, from a Christian’s perspective, there is nothing good to come out of the new health law. All of it is designed to transform and conform us inside out. Much, if not most, of it has nothing to do with our health and well being, but rather government building itself into a monster overseer of everything we do, eat, think. Conspiracy theories aside, there are many mover-groover elitists on both sides of the political aisle who proudly and seriously proclaim that this world would be paradise if only people could be programed to behave and think properly. Therefore, interpreting this particular vaguely constructed language in the Affordable Heath Care Bill to mean that the chip is going to be a law is not all that big of a stretch. Will it be by March 2013? I don’t know. Stranger things have happened of late. All I am saying is, the obstacles are being removed one by one daily.
My point is that we have Scripture that warns us something will be put before us to choose. “Those who do not take the mark of the beast” implies there is a choice. The Rapture doctrine followers always proclaim the “mark” won’t be a problem for them because they will be gone. And this is one of the reasons why believing error is dangerous. If you do not believe you will have to make the choice, you do whatever you are persuaded to do because you do not see the choice. 
And perhaps that is what I have been given to understand recently. If we choose to believe error, then, in fact, at some point of no return we are given over to the delusion and we no longer have a choice, we are blinded so that we cannot see. 

(Matthew 24:24) For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
The chip has been around for a long time. The very first time I saw it spoken about was in 1996 or 1997. I was sitting at my desk downstairs working on the computer. A morning talk show was on the TV. A movie star, Stefanie Powers, was being interviewed about a new technology that had been developed that was being used to help keep track of dog ownership; implanted chips that contained information that was maintained in a data base by the AKC. I was only half listening but what they were saying and their enthusiasm about it made me turn around to watch and I said out loud, “that is the beginning of the mark”. This was long before I ever read anything about chip technology or conspiracy theories. My spirit knew long before my brain had information. 
Just a little history, millions of Christians have been martyred over the past two thousand years for choosing Christ over government, whether secular or religious. Of course, prior to the 1700s they didn’t know anything about the Rapture doctrine, so their choices were clear for them. They chose Christ and suffered great tribulation for it.
Recently my daughter was having a chat with a Christian friend of hers who was at odds with another person over the Rapture. My daughter’s friend commented that “she believed in the Rapture so she would get to go.”  Let that soak in - she believed she would be raptured because she believed in rapture. Do you see the scary fine print in this contract? Believing on Christ has taken a back seat to believing in a false doctrine.
So here it is: can I deny what my spirit knew sixteen years ago? The chip is about as worldly and ungodly as anything can be. Fast forward from 1996 to a few years ago when I read that some states were considering mandated chipping for newborns and it reinforces that what was clear for me about the animal chipping that eventually it was going to be implemented for humans. Will it be a choice until it evolves into a mandate? Is it a mandate to have a social security card? Some believe that was actually the very beginning of the mark. My great-grandfather thought that. Perhaps he wasn't wrong. We are always so programed to think everything happens in a flash, when historically speaking most of the decline of any system, whether secular or religious, developed in small increments over long periods. 
Perhaps this urgency that I feel in my spirit to warn the Remnant to wake up and smell the coffee is about reexamining our focus, re-prioritizing and reevaluating where we stand with Christ. Are we lukewarm? Are we more concerned about worldly things than filling our lamps with truth? 
I am not the only one feeling this stirring in my spirit, so I have to conclude there is something afoot and we better get a grip. I keep hearing, “get it or don’t” and I do not feel it proper to rephrase this but if I did, perhaps it might be restated, “get it before you are given over to your delusion and no longer allowed to get it."

For Christ,

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