Friday, September 12, 2014

Good Morning, Father - Part 3 - Fear

Sometimes I clean out files and find things I have written and set aside then forgotten. When I rediscover these musings, it’s not unlike finding myself when I didn’t even know I was missing. 

I am going to share, over the coming posts, one at a time, a small collection of devotionals I wrote over a decade ago, titled, Good Morning, Father. In His unfathomable wisdom, He knew I would need these affirmations and faith strengthening words in a future time unknown to me as I typed them. And now the time has come.

May you be blessed with whatever you need.

For Him,



Sunrise is the renewal of a promise. A chance to begin again, afresh, with all the bad choices of the previous days behind us, every new day is an opportunity to seek to serve God and use whatever time we have remaining to us better than we have ever done before.  We cannot know how many mornings we are granted, but if we make it through the night to see another dawn, we are given the gift of time, at least once more, to get it right. For by the amazing grace of our Sovereign God all the wrong living we have done in the past is forgiven and forgotten in the instant we are willing to surrender and move forward toward Him and His will, relinquishing our own.

Though the days we have wasted cannot be changed, the new one, unfolding in front of us, holds the promise to be the one that could make it all okay.

It’s our choice.


Good morning, Father,

The emails come from well-meaning friends and I am compelled to write about something that I know will not rest easily on many if not most of them. Even though I know there is nothing I can say that will change the determination and quest to “uncover” all the truth about who/what caused it and, where, and how this country has fallen, I am going to attempt to offer some perspective to temper what I perceive to be a kind of self-induced hysteria.

It isn’t that I am blind to what Satan has managed to accomplish but I cannot forget that Satan can only do what You allow, Father. It took some scary events in my loved one’s life, and thus mine, to bring me to a new understanding about how easy it is to slip down a false path, even with the grandest and noblest of intentions. I saw, first hand, what giving over to worldly fear can do to the spirit.

While I am not saying that The Body should hide it’s collective eyes from truth and bury itself in the sand, there is more insidious danger in lusting after sensational and shocking information garnered from news sources, primarily the Internet, than there is in being completely ignorant of it. For one thing, knowing about all that is going on underneath the glittering mask can’t change anything unless the point of knowing it is to pray for delay or ask for protection for those who will be affected by the unfathomable evil that permeates every level of our lives. The sinister and hidden enticement is in believing that the only way we can be informed is through the written words of other people. 

When did we stop depending on the Holy Spirit for our knowledge?

We must not ignore the inherent danger of falling under the spell of the thrill of discovering the down and dirty unless we can also temper the sensation with the only reason for exposing it. When the basic reason becomes the skill of the hunt, soon the point is lost in the hunt. Satan is always at the ready to hook into any weakness we have and the hunger for knowing can quickly become an obsession and then a master. I’ve seen it happen over and over. This kind of thing only gives  latitude to Satan and is not unlike any other obsession, regardless what it is. Obsessions, of any genre, take us on self-built paths away from the only thing we should be focused on, which is Christ at our center.

I know that some people feel a call to ferret out the nasty truths and I can’t dispute that–each of us has our own calling. But I know this, You do not tell us to merely shine light in dark places, You tell us to focus on the One who is the Light. This is the true path to what we should know. At this point in time we must learn and fine-tune the power of spiritual warfare because the days are over when educating ourselves is the same as arming ourselves. The only power we have ever really had is through Christ. So, who or what can I fear if I am focused on Christ?

I’m sure I am not saying this right and perhaps I won’t be able to convince anyone that gasping in fear and horror over every new learned thing about that which is coming at us like a runaway freight train is not where we should be spiritually. Whether or not we know all the nitty-gritty facts does not alter that we should be standing, humbling and preparing ourselves in peace and trust, praying for strength against all those horrors that we can’t even begin to know, believing that our faith and trust will be the conduit to anything and all that You deem necessary for us to know. This stance far better represents Christ in us than wailing and gnashing our teeth against those things that have been ordained and must come to pass.
I fear and reverence You, Father, but I do not fear what the world can and might do to me because though I may lose a few skirmishes, there is nothing the world can do to me that You have not intended because the war is already won.

...And yet though He slay me, will I trust Him...

Your servant,

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