Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Part I Like

I always have a moment when suddenly it occurs to me that my to-do list is accomplished and I can just enjoy all the little things that didn’t make it to the list, usually the week before Christmas, now that my Christmas Frenzy years are pretty much behind me and I can actually have a calm week before Christmas.

Like sending out beautiful animated e-cards to my peeps. Or sipping hot chocolate while typing out one more Christmas blog post. Lots of whipped cream on top.

Like ...

... singing along with the Christmas playlist.

... putting my last $20 in the Salvation Army Kettle.

... thinking about putting together one more Mother Eartha story for the grandkids because there’s time. Or not.

... thinking about pulling out my old guitar and trying out an old song. Or not.

... remembering Christmas’s past and how very difficult they were sometimes - for different reasons -  but we still made it to the part like in How The Grinch Stole Christmas where all the citizens of Whoville gathered around the tree and celebrated Christmas anyway because... isn’t about the presents, the lights, the activities, the magic, the food, the hoopla.

It’s about Christ coming to save us from ourselves. 

So the best part about Christmas is Christ. No frenzy, traditions, obligations, to-do lists or removing Christ from the day we celebrate his birth, or vilifying/outlawing the reason for the season can change this. Ever. 

This is a moment we can keep in our hearts and not even the Grinch or thought police can stop it. I do love that!

Have a blessed Christmas,



  1. Amen - and thank you. May your Christmas also be very blessed.

  2. This has been a strange year somehow. I think it has to do with getting older and how time seems to speed up - or something. Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving? ;-]

    Merry Christmas!