Monday, December 28, 2015

Never Say Never

2015 is all but in the archives now. In hindsight overview, if pressed to put a  single word descriptor on the file before relegating it to deep storage, I’d have to say that this past year was memorable for me for its DEFIANCE. 

I did things this year that I thought I’d never do again. 

This pattern launched on Christmas morning 2014. Having just put the Christmas breakfast casserole in the oven I took a break and as I began my descent into my favorite chair something snapped in my right knee and I could neither go up nor down. I yelled out and Ron came running to help me. I pretty much sat in that chair for the rest of the day. Everyone rallied and we still enjoyed our Christmas morning breakfast even with me ensconced.

Because Ron and I are both inveterate problem solvers, we collaborated on a makeshift splint to keep my knee immobile until I could get it diagnosed. Duct tape and a 12” length of 1X2 with corners that Ron had smoothed filled the bill initially. This eventually was refined to the board held in place by clear plastic shipping wrap which was not only non stick but also made it water proof making it possible for me to stand in the shower without help.

The day after Christmas I spent five hours in the ER and came home wrapped hip to ankle in a blue foam and Velcro strapped contraption. It was absurdly cumbersome and awkward. Immediately I returned to the simple, effective (and cheap) 1X2 and plastic wrap. Defiant! 

After some treatment, some therapy (that I refused to do at home) and time, I was finally able to move about normally again in a few weeks. Then, for some reason, that I cannot explain, in late January I was compelled to bring out my old puppet Mother Eartha and I started recording Mother Eartha Talks On videos. 

Most assuredly I never thought I’d do that again. Where did that come from? Was it subconscious defiance–to prove I could still squat and bend and contort underneath a puppet? 

Does that explain why I agreed to go with my family to the beach for a week in June? Me? The beach? I never thought I’d do that again. Ever. 

In October we became boat owners again. Me. On a boat. Really?

Also in October I pulled together some materials and built a nine foot art tree. Me. Creating large art again that required climbing a ladder. Good grief.

This time last year, given my disability and limited options, I would have laughed at anyone who would predict I’d do anything physical in 2015, let alone the things I did. The odds were truly not in my favor in my humble opinion.

They say, if you want to make God laugh, make plans. But I say, if you want to make God smile, ignore the odds...and trust that He can see you just do...
...and never say never.

Happy New Year!
For Him,


  1. LOL, well I can kind of see how Phil. 4!13 goes with defiant!

    It's funny that you're homemade contraption worked better than what the doctor's office supplied. Funny, but certainly believable!

  2. LOL! It's true sometimes simple is best. ;-)