Saturday, June 17, 2017

Real Dads

This is when I say some loving words about dads. Allow me to be frank, if not crude here, I am not referring to sperm donors. No. What I want to bring some deserved attention to are the real men who step up and take care of the children given to them  regardless the circumstances. 

These are those:

• Who do whatever the job calls for no matter how tough or thankless it seems sometimes.

• Who pace back and forth at two am, colicky baby on a tired shoulder, even though he has to get up and go to work in a few hours.

• Who go to work and provide for their families, sometimes two jobs if necessary, putting his own desires aside for as long as it takes. 

• Who take every opportunity to spend time with their kids, reading to, teaching how, sharing, kissing boo-boos, answering toy phones, sipping pretend tea, building lego space ships, dancing with, laughing with, mentoring in as many life skills he knows.

• Who are strong to discipline and hold accountable in the short term for the sake of a good long-term.

• Who never stops fathering even if he lives somewhere else.

• Who never allows any other relationship to supersede the love he has for his child.

• Who never puts the value of money and possessions above his child’s best interests.

And if the kid(s) he is fathering does not share his DNA...

* He does his job as though he never understood DNA anyway. 

Happy Dad’s Day to all the men who are real father’s, you are the true heroes.

For Him,

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