Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Difficulty of Simple

The conversation went something like this:

But you know there are things you learn as you grow in the spirit that you can’t really share with anyone else because they aren’t there yet so you can’t know what you don’t know but you also can’t share what someone else can’t understand either. Amazingly it gets simpler and simpler too.

Loved One: 
We belonged to an adult Bible Study group for awhile and one time the task was put out for us to write about our perspective on God. I dashed off a sentence and then watched as everyone else penned lengthy treatises. All the pages were turned over to be read aloud.  When our group leader’s eyes shot up I knew he had come to mine. 

Then he shared it with the group: “I just want to get out of my own way so I can get into God’s.” 

Bam! Simple.

Our conversation then segued into how ancient it all is, the modern view. Loved One pointed out that it’s all recorded in the Bible, more than a history lesson it’s a review of what to expect from humans into the future. We pondered the enigma of how humans just keep doing the same thing over and over. I told him about my experience helping my grandson with his essay assignment on The Crucible and the conclusions we came to. I said the most common human theme is building a golden calf to worship because they can create what they worship to their own specifications. 

You know it comes down to human desire for control.

Loved One: 
But why?

Avoidance of accountability. If you can periodically change the rules to fit the current meme, you don’t have to answer to some ancient hard-nosed rules as set forth by some cranky old Divinity declared to be a fairytale. 

Loved One: Avoiding accountability - small words, easy language. What’s not to understand?

Because you can’t get it unless you want to get it and you have to want to get out of your own way first. 

Some conversations can be so simple they can send out ripples into the continuum. 

For Him,

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