Wednesday, December 26, 2018


It’s quiet here, the mayhem quelled
Time to sort and pack and stow
This is when all memories meld
              and fade into warm afterglow

In this lull, this in between,
Recalled years all come and go
the soft, the tough, both fat and lean
              that fade into warm afterglow

It’s quiet here, though this can’t last
Doesn’t matter, this I know
Future soon becomes the past
              then fades into warm afterglow

~ A.S. Fields

May your New Year be full of bright blessings!
For Him,


  1. In a conversation we were talking about 1975. But when we noted that was 43 years ago . . . well, it just didn't seem that much time had passed. The mid-seventies were almost half a century ago.

    The phrase "fades into warm afterglow" takes on a different perspective as more and more years slip by.

    Be blessed in 2019!

    1. In retrospect I can clearly see and note all the phases and thresholds I have passed through from youth to midlife to now - not sure what to call it - but I find myself coping with a mixed bag of emotions. Glad I’ve made it this far/can’t believe so much time has passed, where did it go?/finding myself less and less comfortable here/tired/feeling completely irrelevant but not really caring. Yup - it’s a journey.

      You have a blessed 2019 dearheart!