Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Time for Everything

Just thinking out loud here, but, crazy me, I tend to ponder things and then ask questions.

So, as we isolate from one another, whether voluntarily or by government mandate, what other statistics could be garnered? For example:

  • if  there are more people working from and staying at home, will there be a reduction in car accidents?
  • if people do not interact with each other, will there be a notable reduction in other infectious diseases, like the common cold and the flu we have come to accept as a normal condition of living among others?
  • if stores are closed, and no one is walking around on the sidewalks of big cities, will there be a sharp fall in robberies?
  • will drug dealers lose their buyers or will they come up with another way to distribute their poison?
  • will accidental deaths continue?
  • will there still be deadly fires and overdoses and death by all kinds of cancer?

I assume the answer to each of these questions will be yes. But the bigger question, that then follows is: 

Is it possible to end suffering, sickness and death by shutting down our lives and remaining apart? 

I’m gonna have to jump in and give a big no on that one.

Regardless how bad something seems to be, there is always an up side, even if it’s just a lesson to be learned.

The only constant in life is change - I think that is a quote from Charles Dickens. What is missing is that sometimes change is good and sometimes not so good. Another view might be from a quote by Will Rogers - “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute.” 

There is a time for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you do not like the weather today, wait for tomorrow and trust that God knows what He is doing, even if you don’t.

For Him,


  1. At every turn, my what-ifs are being answered by the sovereignty of God. This is the big test: do I really believe that he's enough?

    1. I am pretty sure you would be one that I can say, without reservation, who fully trusts He is more than enough.

  2. Yesterday I was cleaning out some papers and found something I had copied from you. It made me wonder when you would be posting again and this morning there you were - sitting in my Inbox!

    Your writing that I copied was about the "Haughty Spirit Virus" and it made me chuckle. You wrote "there is no medical test for this malady" then continued with "you might be infected with Haughty Spirit Virus if . . . " Talk about timing :D

    I was reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot and she was quoting Amy Carmichael in one of the chapters. I liked it so much I printed out a copy and framed it to hang on the wall. Elisabeth wrote:

    There is a story told by Amy Carmichael in her first year of missionary work in Japan. She and a missionary couple were delayed on a journey because of a boat that did not arrive. Not just hours but days went by, and the young missionary began to fret because of the time lost and the consequences to others who counted on them. The older missionary said calmly, "God knows all about the boats." It became a maxim of faith for the rest of her life.

    Yes, God knows all about what's happening in the world. This did not take God by surprise. Jesus said that He is Truth. If we walk in absolute Truth we won't be on the path to destruction. Choose today whom you will serve, then be loyal no matter what.

    Thanks for visiting - it is always delightful!

  3. P.S.
    This posting prompted me to do an internet search for the 1960s band The Byrds hit tune Turn Turn Turn. I'll be singing that all day!

    1. Oh! Good one! For sure, for sure, He knows about the boats! He also knows our endurance levels too, even though we might belly ache and complain that we are at our limits. Amazing, huh! And I really had Turn Turn Turn in my head too!

      So, I don’t usually reach out for prayer from folks - just not my way, but I could use some extra right now so I’m sort of widening my horizons. My dear 84 year old sister, who has lived with us for almost 8 years, is now in hospice care in the final stages of breast cancer. First, I am asking for mercy that she not have to suffer anymore and second, I am asking for strength for her daughter, who is on the front line care 24/7.

      When you think things are a bad as they can get…