Friday, August 28, 2020

One Good Thing About 2020

 First week of homeschool 20/21 and we are off and running! 

One of the many great perks of homeschooling is that you can adapt curriculum to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

This year we will be focusing on all the forms of written communication, applying what we learn to the art form of conveying and imparting information in clear language.

We conclude week one with an essay. Coaxing cogent thoughts from an introverted sophomore, who does not like to share his inner self, was a challenge for student as well as teacher. But based on this essay, I think we have some surprises coming. 

Stay tuned. 

For Him,



One Good Thing About 2020

by Keaton Pascoe

As bad as 2020 has been, one great thing happened for me. The day it happened I opened the door, eased into the seat, wrapped my hands on the wheel, the smell of leather flooded my nose, I inserted the key, twisted it carefully and just sat there listening to the deep rumble, grinning like a fool. It was the most satisfying sound I have ever heard. 

It was weird, too, because I was crazy happy but also a little intimidated. I knew that my first car was both a big step into my future as well as a great responsibility, that with one mistake it could cost me everything. This thought was terrifying yet humbling. I was so eager to try it out, I couldn't wait, so that’s what I did. I pushed the accelerator slightly and I felt it begin to move forward. 

So did I, of course, but also in another way.

For the last six months everything has been so strange, scary and full of the great unknowns. The year 2020 has been like a meteor that the scientists didn't see coming. It’s easy to doubt not just when but if this is going to get better. At age 15 I’m not grown but now old enough to have the responsibilities of an adult put in my hands. I can’t help but wonder what will the world be like when I am on my own? 

Words are difficult to find to describe all the ways normal was turned upside down this year. Everyone has their own stories like my brother who had to graduate from high school by getting out of a car in a line up in front of the school. If it weren't for the internet and having access to gaming online with other people, being in quarantine would have felt like being trapped alone in a rocket ship orbiting another planet. 

But I do know it’s been way worse for some people, though, both mentally and physically, so I can’t complain too much. I am definitely grateful for my car, that has been like a life raft for me, a bright spot that gives me hope for the future. 

Really the big unknown now is how long it will take to realize how much has been lost this year and how long it will take for us to recover. Will life ever be like it was just a year ago? Will it be worse? We may not know the whole cost for decades, if ever. But, even so, we have nothing to lose to just keep going, keep hoping and keep trying. There have been many times in history that were difficult to live through, World Wars,  the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl years, but people survived and carried on. 

My grandmother shared with me a quote: 

Happiness is something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.  

If I could encourage anyone who is struggling with all that is happening in this crazy stressful time, I would say, just don’t give up. There’s always tomorrow. Today is what it is but yesterday is already in your rear view mirror. 


  1. Having sat in the passenger seat with four new drivers, I really loved this essay. You are a grandmother warrior! I can't imagine homeschooling a grandchild!

    1. You gotta be kidding! I can’t think of anyone more able to homeschool kids than you - especially grands! You could/should write a book! LOL!

  2. Hi April, Hope all is well with all of you.
    I will say this about this COVID 19 and mask wearing.
    Come Nov.4th, day after election there is going to be a mighty miracle. Talk of the virus will completely fade away masks will no longer be mandated (not that we wear them anyway) and the country will open fully. We know what this is all about and have never bought into this pandemic. Oh I am sure you'll get comments about this but my son is our source and hes been spot on thus far. Once Trump is re elected riots will increase and the virus will disappeared entirely. And so we wait.....

    1. We are all hanging in - hope all is well with you too. And, yes, there is no doubt in my mind that the virus has been weaoponized. As for what to expect from the rest of this faith-testing year, only God knows and rather than speculate I just pray for deliverance from evil without ceasing. I do believe we are at war with dark principalities but if God be for us, who can be against us. Thing is, though, we have to stand for God first.

    2. Amen. Stay well and stay safe.

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