Saturday, December 12, 2020

It Is What It Was

Full disclosure, I have struggled this week, watching in real time as my country is falling to those who have sold us to the highest bidder. I've always maintained that attitude is the only thing we own or have any control over but sometimes staying positive in a world gone mad, is a challenge. 

In all the years I've been writing/publishing (since 1990) I have never been at a loss for words. In recent weeks, however, I have wrestled with a different kind of writer's block - I have too many words, but fail to see the point in saying them. 

Today, I decided I needed to try to pull it out because, in the end, while speaking out might net zero results, is there any point gained in remaining silent?

What is the worst thing that can happen if I choose to stand up and speak out in these final days of what used to be the Constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech? That no one hears? That nothing is changed? A likely outcome. But even if the only result is my own attitude adjusted then that must be good enough.

I have admitted before that I only write to find out what I think so my process includes forming the 'working' title first as a way to launch and then, as the words come, I often change the title to better fit the narrative I didn't know, at the outset, that would finally take shape.

So, in order to get off of square one, I picked one title tormenting me to be considered and promised myself that I then could let the remaining titles/topics out one at a time. 


I have a very specific opinion on the topic of rewriting history to appease a modern delusion. 

In a perfect world we should be able to learn from history, from raw experience and the dire consequences of believing the lies that so easily shape our circumstances. But this has never been a perfect world, at least not after Eve chose wrongly and munched on the forbidden fruit. And no ideology or religion, regardless how egalitarian, how seemingly devoted to fairness and love and equality, will ever make it so. The inherent inadequacies of human nature won’t allow it.

In the Matrix, where everything is founded in illusion, even the noble quest for truth and justice is not what it appears to be. And that is because we cannot make this world perfect ourselves. No grand rhetoric, heartfelt lyrics, well-crafted and applauded speeches, high-minded movements, protests, chants bellowed out by collective voices, systems, drives, group efforts or votes, can change what is not real to begin with. Glitter can never be gold.

We float precariously in the vast ocean of history on the flotsam of human shortcomings. Those who believe they can reorder how we think and feel, challenging the mistakes of the past by replacing them with better mistakes, have no concept or even a desire to know how God works. 

The biggest mistake, of course, promoted by satan, is believing that we can be a god, that humans can evolve into our own goodness and therefore make Heaven on earth - often referred to as Utopia by those minions who do satan's bidding. 

First of all, though we are able to rewrite history books, we can't change history. It simply is what it was. There has never been a ‘good’ period in the recorded past of civilization when mankind made righteous choices. Even so, God’s hand has been in it all. What He chooses to intervene on and what He chooses to allow is all according to His plan - one we cannot understand. So, yes, God knows and works all things, both good and bad (as we lamely define good and bad), to His best purpose. 

Knowing the true history of the unimaginable obstacles the Pilgrims encountered it is clear for me that God had a specific purpose/plan and helped them come here and establish this land. And, yes, there were already a people here, as has been the case in most every land claimed, fought for and reclaimed by other people throughout human history.

And, as always happens, good things as well as bad things happen in periods of enormous change because good people do good things and very bad people do bad things and cause great harm to other people. This is the ongoing battle here - between good striving to do God’s will and evil trying to thwart it. 

Note: How it works out for the Remnant is usually based on how strong faith is and dependence on God and His will, not our own.

When I lived in Oklahoma I had great sympathy for the history of the Trail of Tears because the story is large there, being the end of the trail where the survivors began again. One of my best friends was half Cherokee and she was born and lived among family that only spoke Cherokee until she was seven. She went to college with Native American funding assistance and moved on to live a successful standard American life. 

Though not enough to land on the Cherokee Register, I also have Cherokee DNA coming from both my parents. I also have Irish and English and Scottish blood as well. But what I am is a Christian first, and American second. Those who wish to guilt me because I am also largely white will not succeed because I don’t care what they think. They are not God.

More importantly, I know that God doesn’t care about our ethnicity. He doesn’t care what happened to our ancestors or what our ancestors did or didn't do. He doesn’t even care who we were before we accepted Christ. What matters to God is who we are now. What do we have to show for ourselves now? Those who continue to use past atrocities to cultural groups as a rationale for their own agendas are not as interested in the truth as they are in feeding and puffing up their own self-righteousness - shoring up their belief they can be earth-based gods dictating to the rest of us how we should be. 

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus. [Gal 3:28]

For Him,



  1. Long ago I read a book with the setting in very primitive times. The penalty for disobedience was that they were kicked out of the tribe and considered dead. Well, the hero did leave the tribe for the allotted time as commanded but then returned. No one else ever returned. The tribe now had to face this truth: just because they declare someone dead it does not make it true.

    Just because people try to burn history books and declare it false does not make it so. Jesus plainly stated: I am Truth. Jesus is alive and therefore Truth is alive. Truth will be alive forever. All their tantrums over it will not change a thing. Today we still have the right to speak truth. God told His prophet to go and speak and God even warned him that the people will not listen but the prophet should speak it anyway. No one can choose truth if it is not offered as a choice.


    1. "No one can choose truth if it is not offered as a choice."
      Message received. :-)

  2. Writing to discover what you think has always seemed quite reasonable to me.... 🙄

    1. Writing to find out what I think does not necessarily mean anyone else will get what I think though. :-D