Monday, August 17, 2015

Brain Dead

I  called to make a grooming appointment for Auri. I’ve been taking him to the same place for five years. They, as they should, insist that his rabies vaccine is up to date. 

No problem. 

This year, though, we were on vacation when his annual shot came up for renewal. I had forgotten. I called to make a grooming appointment and they informed me that his records showed his shots were expired. I made an appointment to get the shots. 

Then, a few days later, I made an appointment for the grooming. I was told his shots were expired, I happily said they had just been done. I was then told to bring the paperwork. 

No problem.

This was back in late June. June 29th to be exact. Auri’s shots expired on June 26th. I showed the new paperwork, he was groomed. 

No problem.

Today, when I called for a grooming appointment I was told his shots had expired on June 26th. I replied that his shots were up to date, and furthermore they should have a record of his last grooming on June 29th. 

[Pause here while person looks up record.] 

Yes, she could see he was groomed on June 29th but that the information in the computer showed his shots were expired as of June 26th.

Now, at this point, I want to argue, with every fiber of my being. I want to ask the person if she understands that his last grooming could not have taken place on June 29th if his shots expired on June 26th. But, frankly, what is the point? I will produce the documents again and perhaps the person putting in the information will update the information. 

Perhaps I will just need to keep the documents in my purse.

But still I have to wonder - what has happened to logical thinking? Our brains are officially dead, or at least reconfigured to stop thinking when numbers and data appear on a screen, as though this is definitive, unarguable information. 

You might think I am over-reacting here.  I am just too old. Cranky even. But I remember when someone might have said, “Wait a minute... there must be a mistake here.” Instead of saying - “I don’t know what to tell you, it says here the shots are expired... .”

Like it or don’t, this is a problem.

For Him,



  1. Amen. At the grocery store the total was $20.62. I handed the cashier $31.00. She looked at me with a blank stare. I said, "Just enter what I gave you" and smiled. It was sad - I actually felt sorry for her.

    I read an article that made reference to a new television show wherein the man takes a pill and becomes "super" human and can perform amazingly. The article suggested that this could be a type of "mark of the beast" in that by taking a pill or something similar, all human traits could be "super sized." The down side - that will not be revealed - is that it will change your DNA.

    Whether or not that type scenario is accurate, can't you just see myriad people rushing to get it? "Gee, if I take this pill I could even give accurate change to a customer without reading the cash register!"

    1. Don’t even get me started!

      The phrase “dumbing down of America” used so liberally over the past twenty years is not a conspiracy theory. It was a plan from the beginning. The goal has been to fundamentally alter our ability to think for ourselves. If everyone is plugged into the stream of consciousness du jour as dictated by those who would enslave us, we fall in line peacefully with little push back. We believe what we are told. We do not question. We are ripe for the picking.

      Of course, as much as arrogant mankind would like to take credit for everything, I personally see this as being orchestrated by the great deceiver, who is just using the arrogant as tools for his purposes.

      For Him,

    2. If someone read this they would probably think I was the crazy one . . . the total was actually $25.62 NOT $20.62. Sorry -- should have proofread better before hitting publish. :)

    3. Oh too funny! Not to worry though. Common Core math has made it impossible to actually do math because the numbers and answers do not matter anymore, just the approved process. ;-)

    4. By the way . . . thank you for the links to Havner, Tozer, Chambers, etc. on this site. I would not have discovered their daily devotionals and missed out on all that wisdom.

      People have told that God instructed them to write down and publish what He has given them. I understand that. These men have died yet their printed word is still being used by Holy Spirit to teach and guide. Often I will be praying about something then read one of their devotionals and it addresses exactly what I had been praying about.

    5. I call the writings from these men and others including Austin T-Sparks - ‘Timeless Teachings’. Having been involved on the peripheral of a modern signs and wonders cult for a few years, I understand how much more valuable are the Words that stand the test of time, are not focused on the politics or current events of the day but on God’s eternal plan.

      When I finally walked away from editing and publishing for the leader of the cult I told him that God owns time. The here and now, the then and there and the time to come is irrelevant - what is, was and is not, what is to come, is only significant within the scope of God’s divine will. The simple power of righteous prayer can change the course of human events simply because God is not bound by our clocks and calendars. I think that's incredibly important to understand.

      At that point, the signs and wonders man told me I had a ‘Jezebel Spirit’ for daring to challenge him or ‘preach’ to him. He also taunted me by telling me that ‘God revealed something about me but he couldn’t tell me.’ Right. I think that’s when I really understood the difference between those who claim to hear from God and those who are just hearing from their own god of self, and those whose only desire is to be the ‘one who knows’.

      And this is why I have been so focused on people waking up and learning how to be discerning and not falling for everything just because the messenger claims to be from God.

      I often find that I’ll be pondering and praying about something only to have one of the old teachings come in view that addresses it. It happens too many times to blame it on coincidence. How amazing the power of the Holy Spirit is! And to think we each, as individuals, can access this anytime we are willing to be empty to receive.

      Didn’t mean to make this into a whole 'nuther post. Guess I needed to vent a little. :-)

      For Him,