Friday, February 26, 2016


MALWARE |ˈmalˌwe(ə)r| noun Computing software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. ORIGIN blend of malicious and software.

Apparently in July of 2015 an all out global assault was launched, designed to trick and defraud hapless wanderers in the vast and often illusional world wide web. I can’t say it wasn’t predictable and only a matter of time. Criminal minds are constantly devising ways to dupe the unsuspecting whether in the real world or the virtual. It’s the classic law of cause and effect. There is no security measure that cannot be defeated and turned against its original good purpose. 

[Remember I said that when they want to coax you into bio tattoos to keep your personal info safe].

PC users have always understood and battled against the threat of malicious software but now even the heretofore impenetrable MACs are vulnerable. Perhaps even more so because many still believe they are not vulnerable and therefore they are grossly unprepared when they get hit.

Here’s the new con game. Click on something, even simple innocuous things you wouldn’t expect to be harboring ill will toward you, things you once could trust like an X to close a pop up advertisement, and a portal is launched on your computer screen. It will look official and might warn you that your computer has acquired a virus and you need to immediately call a listed number for tech assistance. The warning will be frozen on your screen though and there is no way to get it off unless you do a force quit of your browser. Sometimes this takes multiple force quits and often people give up after one or two tries thinking their computer is locked. 

Never, ever, click the OK or call the number - ever! Even if you can’t unlock your screen. 

Sometimes the malware comes hidden inside a notice that you need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player. It will use the familiar logo and colors of the program but if you click on it your computer will be invaded and you won’t know where all the malicious codes are immediately planted in your system, hidden and waiting to do all sorts of damage, including stealing passwords and access to online banking.

Of course, there are programs, anti-malware fighters, that can be installed to search out and remove these rotten cells of dark code. Even that solution is fraught with potential dangers because the clever digital bandits can also disguise themselves as champion anti-virus computer cleaners. 

Carefully vetting one’s options for repair has become paramount in this increasingly duplicitous age of anything goes. It would seem there is no end to the variety of cons out in the wild wild west of the Net. It has come to the point that one ought not to trust anything or anyone. Looking for a phrase or a good pork recipe? Click here. Oops! And don’t count on a long list of good reviews for a program either. People make a living writing good reviews. 

Anyone else seeing an analogy here? 

Satan and his minions are working overtime seeking to undermine the faithful too. When one tactic is finally exposed, the liars find new ways to dupe the unsuspecting. Looking true and good, using right sounding words and images built around just enough truth to keep spiritual discernment at bay is the current successful ploy. Not to be deterred, satan can and will change these tactics when enough people catch on so the byword is Christian Beware! 

The take away from this is: whether you are venturing out in the uncharted digital waters of reprobated modernity or you are answering to the pious siren call of religiosity, take heed: recognizing and dealing with malware is the new normal and here to stay until He comes to end it.

Even so come Lord Jesus!

For Him,



  1. This verse comes to mind:
    Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour..." I Pet.5:8
    Of course there's also the 'angel of light' guise, (II Cor.11:14) which is perhaps the more deceptive and so very prevalent in our days...with his pawns disguising themselves as 'apostles of Christ' and 'servants of righteousness'... Thanks for this.

    1. Yes, the warnings are available to heed but fewer and fewer are paying attention, not reading, not listening. What is truly worrisome is that truth is irrelevant and so those who continue to try to speak it and live by it are outliers now. Tougher and tougher to stand but stand we must.

  2. Popped over to your site today on a whim and found this new post. I thought I had subscribed by email, but didn't receive notification, so I'm subscribing again. . .
    Hope it works this time!

  3. I have no idea how any of this works. I have been doing websites for seventeen years but the whole blog thing is still a big mystery to me. Gadgets and Links? It took me a year or so to figure out I could add graphics. ;-] I read your newest early this morning. As usual I have something to say. heh heh.