Saturday, March 15, 2014


Sometimes, when the headlines are too much with me, I begin a slow sink into despair. I start thinking, “what is the point?”. I wonder why I even try anymore. Why should I attempt to communicate? Why should I write? Words like, ‘irrelevant’ and ‘disconnected’ and “what do you know?” begin to creep into my subconscious. It’s like being a foreigner in a strange land who can’t speak or understand the language. I wake up each morning with less and less in common with the world in general and modern Christians in particular, and I grieve that not only do I not belong here anymore, I am persona non grata because I refuse to compromise. All I see is corruption, destruction and open haughty rebellion. Everything is upside down and backwards. What used to be good is mocked, what used to be bad is embraced and celebrated. 

This can’t end well, I reason. And since I can’t un-know this or pretend it is simply the world evolving to its greater self, I also can’t ignore the sober truth that the world has  apparently caught a fast train to hell. And so, as hope fades, I can’t see anything I can do to change or stop it. 

Then, as I falter and it all piles up on me, effectively shutting me down, God, in His infinite mercy, sends me a coded message that we have between us. It comes gently and out of the blue for a period of time in a variety of ways, a time of day, a license plate, a phone or page number. It isn’t a mysterious magical numeric symbolistic alternate language. It’s just a reminder of a Scripture that has pulled me through some rough spots, like a lifeline. The number is common and always around me but when I begin losing ground and need the prompt, He brings the number to my attention until I wake up and realize He is trying to tell me to remember the message. 

And the message is: Call unto me.

I could never find the words to explain all the different ways this has happened over the years or how, why and when this began for me, nor would anyone be interested. I just know it means He speaks to us in the way we can hear. Like any loving parent, He desires that we understand what He says to us so He broadcasts to our individually established frequency. He made us beautifully unique with all different types of learning receptors. He knows we are selective learners, how we see and hear and what gets our attention. 

He does His part. He speaks to us One on one and then He leaves it up to us to get it. That part we have to step up to on our own.

I admit freely that I have learned how to pay attention more quickly than I used to. As we all are, I am on my own solitary walk and so unfortunately I can’t invite anyone else to partake in the incredible uplifting moment I experience when the world’s woe’s fall away and all I see and hear is my Lord calling me to call unto Him. You’d think after all this time I would have this word of knowledge so deeply embedded I wouldn’t need a reminder but, alas, I am nothing if not human and therefore subject to human short term memory loss.

I can’t possibly know how God speaks to someone else. I do not believe what works for me will work for anyone else. All I can do is say that He is speaking and sometimes the words are not easy to hear.  But he who listens is given the strength and wisdom to overcome the most difficult things.

For Him,

(Jeremiah 33:3) Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great things, and difficult,  that thou knowest not. 

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