Sunday, July 18, 2021

R.I.P. Decency


Question: What does the demise of decency have to do with the rise of self-righteousness?'s complicated. 

There has never been a perfect time in human history. Let's establish that at the get go. Keeping it real, utopia is never going to happen here on earth and certainly not if left up to humans tasked with the job. All the beautiful words written, lyrics sung and good intentions mustered that tout love, love, love as the answer, are not going to get us there especially since modernity now declares there are all sorts of ways to define 'love' with SELF LOVE at the top.

However, believe it or not, there was a period, even in my lifetime, that love had boundaries delineated by modesty, morals, self-control and civil behavior. These represented a standard that most of society accepted as fundamental. It was a sacred commitment passed down from generation to generation. Parents taught their children how to be polite, respectful, modest and responsible. Sometimes it was faked but it did hold us in check for awhile. 

Of course there have always been those who are drawn to the dark side so immorality, pornography, vulgar language and gestures recognized as such by all including those that prefer the uncivil fringes and defiantly/proudly celebrate those as representative of their values. Nowadays even the smallest, most impressionable of our children are allowed to be exposed to this.

Definitions do matter though and when the values that are the glue that hold society together are diluted and thus allow society to fall apart at the seams, history repeats itself in the continuous circle that predicts its rise and fall. 

[This is the tip of iceberg, of course, and does not even begin to expose the darkest most evil elements of a civilization in fast fall which profits hugely from a worldwide sex slave market that holds hostage an estimated 40 million people including children. That's another dark topic for another day.]

However, on close examination, the one commonality among all things anti-civil has sexuality at the center in some way and seems to be the hub. Extremism and the gradual acceptance of anything that promotes, or worse, elevates human sexuality to a 'little g' god that permeates all thoughts, art, music, education, and human interactions is a well-practiced tactic of the evil one who despises all things Godly. It rises slowly in popularity because it feels so good but it is just another way self-righteousness disguises itself as righteousness. And this, without exception, always leads to misery. 

I am reminded of the movie It's a Wonderful Life when I think of the contrast between a civil society as portrayed by the town of Bedford Falls turned into Pottersville by the simple change in leadership. Art reflecting life. It wasn't just a fictional story. It was representative and what actually happens when society allows standards to be ignored in exchange for anything goes. Once society turns its back on God mandated decency it inevitably morphs to godlessness which is excused by the righteousness of self. 

The process is slow enough to be imperceptible until God is quietly replaced with the god of depravity. As each generation relaxes the rules further and sinks to another level of indecency, which is celebrated as the new definition of love as good, it seals its own fate and the rules that keep civilization civil end up under the heap of a fallen world. 

Once upon a time, the modern lack of standards of civilized behavior, that is the new normal, would have been called out and shamed. But it seems now everything is good and right so long as anyone is allowed to define good and right according to his/her own purpose. When everything is allowable everything becomes valueless. When anything goes, everything does.

And satan and his minions shout, 'Amen!'.

Another question:  What can we imagine that God thinks about all this? He does not change, so His rules don't change either. He does not morph with us or get hip or cool along with our modern perceptions of what is good and acceptable behavior. 

I watch helplessly as the world descends into self-righteousness becoming godlessness, knowing the pattern and what must come next. My only consolation is also knowing that satan is in no way equal to God and whatever must come was established long ago, just as were the foundational rules of decency. 

One last question:  How long will God allow this cycle to continue? How many times can we rise and fall before He says, 'Enough!' ? 

God does not want us to live self-righteous lives - He wants us to live in His righteousness. He wants us to admit that He is the only one who is righteous - our righteousness is as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6). 

For Him,



Update:  I confess I labored over this post. It's a painful topic for me. It's also a multi-layered, complex topic. Evil has always existed but it feels as though it has been given the lead for now. This is bad news and good news because, even as things begin to fall apart and conflict and fear become a normal state of being, it also means that we are closer to conclusion. The most difficult, grief causing, part of this new normal is the desolution of families.  It was predicted:

51 Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. 52 For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three.53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

I added this update because this morning I read a commentary that nearly broke my heart and I thought I should add the link. It is something of a confirmation that I am not the only one seeing this rise in power of evil. The only weapon we have now is prayer. 

So pray without ceasing.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Virtue in the Era of the Great Delusion

 Oh! Great Big Sigh. . .

I'm wrestling with what has to be dubbed the 'NEW NORMAL' in the world of all things illusion. I don't like it!

I had my Tucson serviced a couple weeks ago. After receiving my 4th email request from the service manager to 'rate' my experience in social media I responded with this:

For the record, I have no complaints about the service I receive at Autonation. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful. I've used your service for 11 years so I think that is a record that speaks for itself. 

Here is my problem - and I am old so my perspective is somewhat archaic - I am quite over companies pandering for my good review on social media. I get that this is the new norm and that running a business nowadays requires corporations to be super hyper conscious of OPINION posting, not to mention virtue signaling that proclaims how good and charitable a company is because they donate to an iconic CAUSE. I did notice the banner in the service department thanking your customers for helping to cure cancer and old me did pause to wonder what that had to do with making good cars and keeping them running. 

Frankly, I really miss the days when a company just offered a good product or service for a competitive price. No need to tell me who or what the owners choose to support with their profits. Not my business, just as it is not the business of corporations to seek to coax me to join in with their chosen charities so I can be enamored with their goodness.  

And, further, no need to send me daily reminders that my opinion matters until I finally respond. I think this is the fourth one since I had my car serviced. 

I promise you that if I had a problem with my Tucson, or the service I received, someone would hear about it. That I don't do social media and am not plugged into the current stream of consciousness flow, my opinion has no place to go anyway. Even if I was not happy I would go straight to the source. 

I do understand that the employees of Autonation are under the gun, so to speak, to encourage customers to post good reviews so I suspect that this policy isn't coming from you. The CORPORATE machine, and the credentialed robots who are put in place to manage the flow of commentary because it is counted as free advertising, are also only doing what they were hired to do and following trend.

However, it does not have to be this way, (my husband does not run his business this way), but it is the trend now and I am tired of it. I don't believe I am the only one though I might be the only one who is willing to speak up. I don't expect it to change any time soon though, not in my lifetime anyway, but again, I am old so I think I have seen it all and how things do change. Change is the only constant in life. Sometimes, change is not so good for awhile and does more to hinder the advancement of civilization. It is what it is. We learn by experience.

You are welcome to pass this on to your higher ups - if you wish. Otherwise, it's just between you and me.   


A. Fields


He never responded so I let it go until this morning when I got an automated 'no reply' email giving me one last chance to post a few comments in Facebook or Google. I don't do Fakebook but I gave it serious thought to post this commentary on Google. Pausing with my finger hovered over the submit button I decided it would be like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a thimble.

Again...great big sigh...

For Him,


Sunday, June 27, 2021

Trust Issues


Who/what do we trust? Why? For how long? Even if we find out we've been lied to. Even if what we trust causes anarchy and chaos that threatens to destroy us.

All it takes, apparently, for humans, in this modern age of all things delusional, to pay attention to, believe, give credence to, have faith in (worship), and, ultimately, thereby grant considerable power over us, is essentially whatever we want to accept our redefining of what goodness is. How many times have you heard the argument, "A good God would never allow _______ (fill in the blank)."

Apparently we, in all our great modernity, know better than God what good is. 

In short, it comes down to God replacement with the more easily acceptable god of human good. Since the bar is way lower now it's therefore way easier to reach and then we can collectively feel good about our goodness without having to stand for something unpopular, that requires considerably more integrity, as God defines/requires it.

Apparently, humans prefer to see life through rose colored glasses. Either that or we are just plain dumb. There's an old saying - we can't know what we don't know, but I could add, we can't know what we don't want to know either.

We put too much trust in icons, symbols, high-minded sounding words. Credentials. How many open-minded kids sit in a classroom and automatically assume that the one teaching them is telling the truth and not just spewing out personal bias?

Have you ever read/seen reporting on something you absolutely know is untrue? Did you feel helpless because everyone else bought into the false narrative because the iconic source is not challengeable?

Have you ever had a bad/incompetent doctor, dentist, lawyer? Ever been at the mercy of a badly compromised judge? Ever had to deal with a power mad self righteous HOA president?

Have you ever been fact-checked or censored on social media for speaking an easily proven truth?

Do you really believe someone who has compromised his/her way to stardom/celebrity status or political position has the most reliable opinion on - anything? 

How many Christians trust that the man in the pulpit, who makes millions of dollars off the business of preaching, music albums, and/or books, is an uncompromised disciple of Christ?

Try reading the label on the cereal you've been eating since you were a kid.

How many businesses and charities, started decades ago with great and noble ideals, the names, slogans and trademarks of which are familiar to nearly everyone on the planet, have been taken over by not so good people? How can you know if you don't know how to pay attention to the devil in the details? 

Where is discernment? Whatever happened to think-for-yourself?

How many agencies and charities whose names trigger warm fuzzy trust, are now simply tools of sinister money/power hungry social manipulators?

Even when we know the truth, the con artists, miscreants and liars still get away with their scams because - why? We allow it. How many people have fallen for and continue to think a total stranger in another country has miraculously found their email and wants to give them millions of dollars? Because it sounds so good?

We prefer our bubble of good and therefore hold tight to our excuses and let the con artists succeed in scamming us with untruth. The only way I can explain this is to conclude most people either desperately want to believe that no one lies, or perhaps they can't bare to believe they were suckered and bought into a lie because it just sounded so good so they now can't let go of the lie and admit they were wrong. 

Or maybe lies and lying are systemic now. There's a new familiar word - systemic.

This, then, on a much larger scale is how so called 'experts' are allowed to steer the ship. We blindly trust credentials and titles and long established trademarks rather than ask questions with common sense. Or, more importantly, we have no idea (or care?) what their true agendas are in the here and now and therefore where they are leading us toward tomorrow.

Maybe we are too busy living our lives so we just prefer to trust without verifying. We blindly depend on the good sounding rhetoric and then ignore what they do behind closed doors imagining that it doesn't really matter anyway. We get out of it what we want - if we believe the lie - we get to feel good and righteous.

Are we simply gullible or finally, at last, completely dumbed down? And, more importantly, where do we go from here? Up? Or further down? How far down is down? 

My mother used an old saying on me when I was making dumb choices, "If everyone was jumping out a ten story window would you jump too?"

Here's another old saying - if you want to know the truth of a thing, start by following the money.

I could add - the love of 'feeling good' leads many astray as well.

For Him,


1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.