Friday, February 10, 2017


I told myself I’d keep it light that scary day I chose to dive into The Facebook. It’s not that I don’t have opinions. Neither am I afraid to voice them. It’s more about being resigned to the tough truth that I am not able to change anyone else’s mind and what I think only really matters to me and the relative handful of people who know me, my views, my standards and how I try to live them without always shouting them in a spotlight. 

It’s my experience that debate is mostly a waste of breath and time, especially in this era of broad red lines drawn. However, I did commit to the word ‘STAND’ this year so I allow myself some latitude about when to be silent and when to speak. 

Today I am taking a stand against hypocrisy. 

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess a video can easily double that. I want to point out that hypocrisy comes dressed in all sorts of wool, but the worst is not the self-righteous kind - the kind that believes wholeheartedly it is right and to prove it, there are no boundaries for expressing itself - whether  by destruction of property, ugly vitriol, or disparaging of others in the name of love, love, love, peace - and RIGHTness!

No, the worst kind of hypocrisy is the kind that uses the good sounding words as a mask, a cloak, a weapon to draw in those who blindly trust good sounding words to be truth. These are the hypocrites with an agenda that has nothing to do with truth. 

Beware the wolves who have the funding to have their sheepskins tailor made.

For Him,