Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Perfect

Sometimes a news item first shocks me to my core and then continues to shake me for weeks, often months, afterward. Writing about it helps. A little. 

It is clear for me, as I know it is also for many others, we are rapidly reaching a tipping point. I wonder how much further can we slide before we hit absolute bottom?  There certainly are no more guidelines, no standards, no safety net. We are in free fall. Anything goes. Right? It’s a tangled, layered mess though. It’s not just one thing, it’s hundreds of acts of active rebellion. It’s a frat party gotten completely out of hand. It’s in your face. It’s, “so what, whaddaya gonna do about it?”

I could write a thick book, a chapter on each of all the ways we have abandoned God and settled instead on our “own understanding”. But there was one recent report that caused me to find a chair. It knocked the wind out of me and all these weeks later I’ve only just now found some coherent words, or should I say, a video, to explain why I think this might be the last straw.

It seems genetic scientists have had a break-through to create a “Designer Baby” via combining three sets of DNA . Yes, I know, it sounds suspiciously like life imitating art from the pages of Brave New World, but, unfortunately, it isn’t fiction. 

First of all, allow me to posit, there would be no need for Designer Babies if we didn’t have a skewed view of perfection. What is perfection? On today’s menu, I mean. Well, apparently, it means a person who is symmetrical in shape, has the correct apportioned facial features, skin tone, eye and hair color falls into the correct percentile of height, weight, cognitive developmental stages, has above average IQ, is completely resistant to disease and is highly responsive to guidance for creating a successful, long, happy, life.

Chair anyone?

So, let’s set aside the inevitable moral debate that will eventually be beat to death by the War on Women Brigade. I have some questions: Who gets to determine the stats of a perfect human? Is there a committee? How does one get on the committee? What kind of degrees must one have to be considered? Or are the credentials based mostly on skill-sets such as one might find in the crew of a Hollywood film production?

Perfection, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is not aphorism, it is what is fundamentally true about real life on earth. I know the antichrist spirit is desperate and working overtime to spread darkness, to kill and destroy God’s perfect creation. But, there is no reality in manufactured perfection. It’s an illusion and it cannot survive. 

Well, I don’t know that writing about it helped much but this Godtube video confirmed for me that we really have no idea what perfection is nor do we have any business believing we can even come close to deciding who is perfect and who is not. Only God can make this decision because it is His art, He holds the copyright.

For Him,


Christopher Duffley WOW Choir singing I Can Only Imagine from wochurch on GodTube.


  1. I just read your blog for the first time. I was reading your comment on Linda Chonto's blog and decided to click on your name. Even though I am NOT a writer, I could tell by your comment that you ARE a writer. I am so glad I came over here. Reading your "Just Perfect" post has started out my Saturday so very refreshing. Thank you so much! Even though I have heard Christopher Duffley sing "Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord", I have never heard his story. I am glad I stopped by your place. I have the feeling I'll be stopping by here quite a lot.

  2. Hi Ann! Welcome!
    I just discovered Linda through Emily Freeman's blog. Love them both!

    For Him,