Saturday, October 24, 2020

Do It Anyway


Right now, here in this trying year of 2020,  I think this is an extremely important topic for the sake of mental health.

FWIW, I’ve never considered myself to be a professional anything. Back in my not-yet-retired years I had to have four different resumes. Who cares? What I am and always have been, at my core,  is a doer, a try-er, a get-er-doner. Over my lifetime I’ve come to see a new project as a challenge, a call to attempt to make something from nothing and usually with the most primitive tools possible. 

Rascal that I am, at this stage, it’s my way of thumbing my 73 year old nose at the critics who say it cannot be done to those who are, in fact, doing it. 

The point:  I started a project in August. The lyrics came easy and then I had to put the words to music with my ukulele, a bit more difficult. Uncharacteristically, by September, I had allowed myself be discouraged by all the bad news coming out 24/7 and I stopped trying. I gave up. I told myself it didn’t matter anymore. What was the point? 

Then I read someone’s post in the Dave Rubins’ forum. She said, take a break. That wake up call hit my heart and I started working on my song again and then I made a video. I know it isn’t perfect by any/every acceptable standard but the truth is, what really matters can’t be heard or seen by anyone else anyway. The doing of it, the finishing, using my low tech tools, my less than professional skills, restored my ‘do it anyway’ attitude. For now.

How significant is that, in the big picture?

If nothing else, maybe this will encourage someone else to dive in, to seek to create something from nothing, fearlessly. 

That something having being held off because  _____ fill in the blank.

Note: I am not a professional singer/songwriter/videographer, (though I did stay at a Holiday Inn once). I’m just Meema and if I can make something from nothing, anyone can. :-)

For Him,


The Project: A Little More Time

Click on the image for the video