Thursday, August 9, 2012


(John 5:24) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth him that sent me, hath eternal life, and cometh not into judgment, but hath passed out of death into life. 

Lately, there seems to be an uptick in interest in Heaven. Numerous books have been published as first hand accounts of those having been taken up to Heaven during a near death experience and then returned to life to tell the story. YouTube videos and websites are starting to blossom across the Net ostensibly as evidence for those who sit on the fence or don’t know what to believe. I concede some folks might need more prodding, but personally, I have always believed, on faith and without question, that Heaven does exist and that it is a place beyond the limited imagination of humans. I don’t need much more description than that. What I have also always believed is that, considering the alternative, whatever Heaven is like, I know for sure I want to go there. I can take the leap that it’s good and I’ll really, really like it. 

Recently I’ve watched several YouTube accounts from a clearly sincere individual who believes her multiple trips to Heaven as a place of indescribable beauty and joy, filled with mansions that make the finest mansions on earth seem like shacks. Further these mansions are filled with treasure rooms loaded with gold, silver and jewels. There are amusement parks with roller coasters. Keeping it real here, I cannot say whether I believe this or not. Sometimes you simply have to take things on advisement and set it aside for further discernment. Fortunately, my salvation does not depend on me believing or disbelieving these accounts. I’m all in when it comes to believing in Hell and Heaven being real and eternal places. 

But having had the concept of Heaven brought to my attention, I have given some thought to what I’d like to think Heaven is. Having dug in I am somewhat surprised at what I came up with. For one thing, I am mature enough, both in the spirit and the flesh, that I don’t really care all that much for “treasure” as is defined by material wealth, i.e., huge residences, gold, silver and jewels. I’m not all that attracted to the idea of Heaven being a place of constant fun either, which is sort of a red flag for me. Humans tend to be persuaded on the side of the human definition of “happiness” and what triggers that emotion and usually this defaults to the idea of recreational things as opposed to labor. Maybe this is mostly my aging flesh taking the lead here and once released from its physical limits, my spirit might feel differently. That’s just another one of those things that is best set aside until time reveals the truth of it. I’m good to wait for that answer, at least for a little while. 

However, in my current state of being I find comfort and joy in simpler things; a gentle refreshing breeze kicking up as a summer storm rumbles on the horizon, a burst of perfect coral colored blooms on my hibiscus, a magnificent sunset, a whole day without strife, belly laughs from my grandchildren. 

Anyway, I tried to imagine what would make me “happy” in Heaven and this is the list I came up with. Perhaps in reality, Heaven is allowed to be as individual as we are beautifully, individually made, so, if we get to pick, this is my first draft requisition: 

1. Uninterrupted peace. A peace that transcends any fleeting moment of peace I have ever felt on earth. 

2. The complete absence of evil, contention, selfishness, mean-spiritedness and hate. 

3. Everyone I love is there. (Unabashed bias)

4. Hosts of angels singing praises to God - me knowing the words and joining in with a better voice than I have ever had. 

5. If we get to pick where we reside, I’d like something just big enough. Low maintenance would be appreciated. 

6. Endless time and materials for me to make and create things. 

7. And if our Heavenly lives are bigger and better extensions of our earthly lives and the things we love to do and covet now simply continue on, I’d like to have wonderful books to read and permission to keep writing. Better than I ever have. 

Life is better than death. Comfort is better than pain. Joy is better than grief. Eternal life, comfort and joy, what more could anyone ask?

For Christ, 

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