Saturday, June 22, 2013

Farewell to Simple

Apparently, I’m officially old now. I've reached the place where the world is moving on faster than I can complete last week's learning curve for the newest technological breakthrough. For example, I still use email, which I understand has come to be too formal, cumbersome and slow for the younger generation. That describes me perfectly–too formal, cumbersome–and slow. Furthermore, I am so left behind not only do I not grasp the importance of social media communication, I am quite sure there is no point in my trying to understand it so I consciously choose to just say no. The consequence of this decision immediately delegates me to the curb in a cloud of digital dust. However, while others find great enlightenment from the immediate whereabouts, movements and thoughts of others on any given minute responding to the question, "what are you doing?" this makes me feel invaded, not appreciated. And why on earth would anyone wish to know these things about me minute to minute? Conversely, why would I want to know what someone else is doing right now, even someone I love dearly?

Regardless, though I am an old relic whose relevance is in the long ago past, I still have clear understanding of some things and I'm not afraid to share, here in this outdated complex mode of communication that I had to type using correct form and grammar and more than 140 characters. For example, I know that while human beings need social interaction they do not fully blossom individually without opportunities to be completely alone for periods of time daily, wherein one can sort and file the most recently acquired information. High brain function requires downtime to build strong neuron paths. Perhaps the epidemic disorder of sleeplessness is directly relatable to the brain forced to do its filing late at night when the body is unplugged.
I am reminded of a tried and true axiom that says, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I equate this to mean that simple is very often the best way to do something but nowadays simple is redefined. Whereas simple used to mean uncomplicated now it is viewed as automatic or instant or effortless or hands-free or condensed. Not the same thing, really. 
Simple is walking up to my non-electronically operated trash can and opening the lid, (remember the innovation of the foot peddle?) throwing in the trash, closing the lid and walking away. Simple is flipping on a light switch. Unsimple is walking into a room that has a motion sensor in the light switch and the light ticks on and then ticks off ten seconds later, leaving me in the dark, bobbing back and forth, dancing up and down trying to coax the light switch to turn on again.
Simple is creating a bookmark for a blog I like to read everyday. Unsimple is clicking on the "subscribe" RSS FEED button to see what it means and finding the same blog in another form - condensed. But I just read it in the original form so why do I need to subscribe to another way to read it? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What is more simple than clicking a bookmark and opening a website? Surely I am missing something.
People love and are even addicted to the instant communication thing thus instant equals simple in today's high speed, get-it-now society. I admit I like email, as outdated as it is. It's a great tool and time saver. But it has its limits too which are all directly related to humanness, tone of voice and verbal delivery. All this leaves me to worry about the dissolution of true simple. Are we losing more than we are gaining? Digital information is quick and accessible but is it always what we need to stay balanced as we advance? When I see kids with earphones listening to their music or playing video games I have to ask what is happening to the brain when the same loop of information is being pumped into the head for hours? Is there any room for contemplative/innovative thought? 
If we are never exposed to genuine simple doing, are we losing basic problem solving skills? We appear to be more connected and yet people feel more and more disconnected from living human interaction because the old simple way of communication involving one-on-one in the same room, not on a digital devise, satisfactorily met many basic human needs simultaneously. 
Have mental disorders increased dramatically because we are replacing simple human touch with digital communication?
One more thing, if we are sucked into the vortex of the concept that all online retail businesses, news reporting agencies and blogs really really want us, you and me personally, to LIKE them on Facebook, to share our opinions and join in discussion with other total strangers about products and services, are we not being systematically reformatted? Are we not being so completely occupied with minutia that we forget how to think as complex intelligent, logical individuals? Is it really about us or commerce? I believe in capitalism but never confuse the vehicle for a free market for crass soul destroying materialism. 
This is what I know for sure: no one wants my opinion, not really. If someone truly wants to know what I am thinking and doing minute to minute there surely is a dark hidden agenda involved. They either want to determine my loyalties,  or they want my time, and/or my money. Under no circumstances do they wish to consider or count my opinion because, for one thing, I still allow my brain quiet time everyday which feeds and maintains my clear, simple vision. 
In my clear vision I see that social twitter is a diversion with a not so simple purpose and is in no way advancing our civilization at all; we are rapidly becoming a mindless society, reprogrammed to allow machines do what our brains used to do, well on our way to robotic thinking, robotic living–completely void of soul–easily manipulated by the man behind the curtain pulling the levers. 
My simple advice: Just say no while you still can.
For Christ,

(Romans 12:2) And be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, and ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

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