Saturday, June 27, 2020


An intercepted conversation between a Senior Tempter and his apprentice:

"The use of widespread crisis is to distract the attention of men from their real dangers. The game is to have them all running about with fire extinguishers whenever there is a flood, and all crowding to that side of the boat which is already nearly submerged... As a result, while their minds are buzzing in this vacuum, we have the better chance to slip in and bend them to the action we have decided on.”

(Adapted from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis)

This is going to be a long one but as we come to another Independence Day, I must confess, it breaks my heart to see the country I have loved all my life being allowed to be destroyed because those who fear to speak out will not lest they be labeled ‘racist’. If this continues, if those who can still speak, do not, there will be no more reason to celebrate July 4th because the opportunity for speaking will be eliminated, as has happened over and over again under the boot of Communism.

America was never perfect, just as no country on earth in the history of mankind has ever been perfect. Why? Because countries are created and run by humans. But what America has always been the standard for other countries to be modeled after is respect for individualism and the right to speak which was wisely inserted into our Constitution. This was not established by perfect men but it did set a benchmark for humans to be able to pursue happiness as they define it as individuals. There are no guarantees in the document that defines the American way of life, just the opportunity to try. Promised to every citizen. Do it or don’t. Your choice.

But the current mayhem, seizing on the Covid-19 opportunity, is seeking to destroy this fundamental right and hypocrisy is the operating system. This is a common tool that satan uses quite successfully, because it is diversionary and redefines good and evil. Even as the latest focus is on the kind of slavery that no longer exists in America, pedophilia, child abduction, sex slavery do and are well-acknowledged as global multi-billion dollar businesses. Given all the light shed on Epstein and the elite who partied with him, for years, it’s not all that big a leap to assume the cesspool is deeper and wider and that his death instantly and so conveniently took the spotlight off the topic. But that does not mean it doesn’t occur. Where is the outcry for this slavery though? 

Regardless our desire to ignore the ugly and focus on all things beautiful, evil does exist and is allowed to do unfathomable damage by those who choose to turn a blind eye as much as those who practice it. And it usually finds ways to assume power because it always knows how to garner financial support. The love and worship of money is the root of all evil so money often does equate to power. If a rich politician or celebrity has an opinion, he/she must be right. Right?

Those whom we choose to idolize and trust and herd us is a real and ever-growing danger to the future of our country.  

Evil comes in all sorts of forms too, but most usually slides into society dressed up as righteousness. The Devil is clever that way. History is a teacher and should never be allowed to be erased because of current ‘feelings’. As Hitler came to power, most of the educated, credentialed ‘elite’ chose silence. Even in the end, when the unspeakable evil that had taken over Germany began to be revealed, there were still many who refused to believe what was true because, while in power, the propaganda pushed out by the Nazis, in the form of news and motion pictures, seemed easier to digest even after the truth reared its nasty head. Pretty lies are always easier to digest than unpleasant truth. In later years, during the Nuremberg Trials, the most recurring response to the question, “Why did you let this happen?” was - “I was just following orders.” 

Years ago I was at a neighborhood party of a friend. I had a casual conversation with a woman who was born in Germany and was a young child during the war. Her well to do family was able to immigrate to the US. I don’t recall how the topic began but somehow it segued into the touchy topic of evil in power during the Hitler era but the conversation abruptly ended as she swelled up in a chin out pose of righteous indignation and replied in a thick German accent, ‘It vas not so bad!’ 

Thus, it is so much easier to fool people than to make them accept they have been fooled. What is true and real is gold, though, not glitter. It stands the test of time. It doesn’t change with the latest human definition of sensibility or ‘rightness’. 

My frustration is knowing that in any given moment, we are mostly lied to and manipulated by those who do have dark agendas and yet who believe they are ‘right’ and therefore anyone who disagrees should be silenced. Or worse. 

Our only defense against this onslaught to destroy what was once blessed into being is to be willing to ask tough questions, stay free-thinking, open to God’s truth, not man’s, and to be willing to speak out when it is clear that evil is afoot. 

Even if it means being in the minority and/or being at risk of being suicided, or shunned by people we have loved all our lives, ultimately, not being under the spell of delusion is worth it. 

In the depth of my soul I know this is a bigger war and more about finally and at last doing away with anything that resembles Christian values. Is it possible we are in the edges of the End of Days? If so, I stand on this: I will not denounce my faith or be silenced or cowed down anymore. Do with me as you wish. Shun me, vilify me. 

This blog is owned by Google and therefore I am at the mercy of being blocked or erased because that is what those in charge of social media are doing now but over the next few weeks I will be posting here the words of those who feel silenced by the new virus known as the ‘cancel culture’. 

I conclude that I can’t remain silent anymore and also claim that I am,

For Him,  



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    1. So, you know, Wow! can reflect two different POVs. But I’m going to assume it was a good Wow not a bad Wow. FYI - I did a little experiment this morning. I know that Google is one of the monsters in the swamp and that they often delete information as well as push links to info so far down the list that no one can find it anyway, but I thought they wouldn’t censure the 1st Amendment. But, when I did an image search I found one page. The first handful of graphics were mostly shots of the Constitution. But scrolling down I noticed something I have never seen before - colored blocks instead of graphics. Further, no graphic on the page was linked to the source.

      So, then I went to Duck Duck Go and found all sorts of graphics and links. I call this opposition research. :-)

  2. Jesus is coming back as the Mighty Warrior to destroy the works of the enemy. The enemy in us needs to be destroyed if we are to be on His winning side. Yes, God is love. But that is only one facet of Him. God is just, righteous, almighty, etc. which are not mushy attributes. God’s love is not an emotion. This is how I look at it: if I were given a territory by Jesus to rule and reign on His behalf, could I? Could I be tough enough to uphold His law? Could I ignore the cries of the selfish with their lame excuses because what they are doing is wrong? Laws are safe boundaries so people can live harmoniously. If bad laws are allowed to be instituted, change those bad laws. I will stop here - you get the point. Dear Meema, truth often hurts but that does not change the need for it. If the Spirit of Most High God stirs in you to speak out, please do it. We need it, like it or not. You may never know who that one person is that stumbles upon your blog posting and reads exactly what they need to hear to steer them into the Kingdom.

    Hugs! :D

    1. You know the most common comment I hear is, “I never thought I’d live to see this happening in my country.” I guess my fear is that somehow we deserve what is coming down on us. We stayed silent when the push to make abortion legal, because it was a ‘right’ of the woman to choose. Then we remained silent when it went from 22 weeks to full term. We remained silent when we were told we can’t refute real science and challenge the numbers of genders. We remained silent when we stopped asking for accountability from those we elect so really anything goes and that’s okay?

      I’m reminded of Jeremiah weeping at the ruins of the Temple. I have plenty to say and I know there are others so I am putting together a plan to make it possible for those who are silenced to speak. Until I get shut down by the word police.

    2. Shut down like this Dean of Nursing.

    3. Yep. So it begins - that downward slide to ??

      Most High God, we do not deserve anything good from You. Still, I ask You to have mercy - they know not what they do.