Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Something Old Something New

We had one of our best Trinity Pond Farm events ever this past weekend. A wedding. Amazing, blessed gathering. Beautiful people, young and old, everywhere. 

Sunday, as we were all in clean up and recovery mode, small clusters of out-of-town guests dawdled out on the farmhouse porch drinking in the perfect October morning with their coffee. Conversation infused with giggles and guffaws floated out on gentle puffs of air washed clean by a passing pre-dawn rain. As the sun climbed upward and the rigid schedule of real life broke through the lingering revere, making its demands, a few at a time reluctantly loaded up their cars and left. 

Even though the magically charged atmosphere had quieted down, a faint ringing remained of the laughter and music of the night before. Everyone seemed to silently acknowledge this as definitely one for the memory books. 

We will not soon forget this one.

Memory on memory. Family and friends come together to celebrate and perpetuate old traditions, like marriage, in order to create new fresh beginnings. Modernity can try its best to convince us that tradition is obsolete and that only new ways and definitions can take humans into a brave and better future.  

Label me old-fashioned but I don’t think so. 

What was so perfectly crafted in the long ago beginning, what is now so very old, is still as new and fresh a thing as a gentle mid-October Sunday morning. 

And everything old is made new again.

For Him,

(Genesis 2:24) Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.


  1. Congratulations to your family! How beautiful! So much joy, and yes, new life! Reading about the wedding, with a smile on my face reminded me of our precious Lord Jesus who will one day soon come for His pure bride. Such great anticipation....to long for our bride groom! ((((Hugging you and your family))))

  2. Best on ever! Bags All Packed ...and wedding celebration! It 'Twas so fun.....;)

  3. Oh! So happy for you!
    I find that we, too, fail to gather as much as we would like, and weddings (and funerals, too, sadly) provide the needed magnetism for drawing us together.

    We are celebrating an engagement in our crew! Boy #2 popped the question, and his lovely young lady said yes to the challenge of becoming a Morin, so we have a wedding in the works for the spring! So happy for them.

    And happy to read this lovely reflection at such a tender time.

    1. Hey girl! I’ve been stuck in the wedding whirlwind for a few weeks. This week I’m trying to reclaim ‘normal’ time.

      So happy for you, another daughter to bring into the fold! Such joy!

      One thing was so poignant to me was the morning after - all the first round grands are young adults now and there were about 8-10, college age and even a couple who have graduated gracing the porch with lively conversation and their special energy. Sometimes I get lost in the maze of transitions. Was it last week that I was rocking some of those grown people? What happened? :-[]